Brenna Berman is a Certified Master Teacher of The Taubman Approach and holds an Associate Faculty position with The Golandsky Institute. She has twenty-two years of training as a performer and teacher of the Taubman Approach. The Taubman Approach was discovered by Dorothy Taubman (and further developed by Edna Golandsky and others) to promote virtuosity, eliminate pain, and solve technical and musical difficulties. It incorporates a thorough understanding and mastery of coordinated movement at the keyboard, giving the pianist the ability to reliably create the desired accuracy and musical effect.

Ms. Berman became a Certified Instructor of the Taubman Approach with The Golandsky Institute in 2006, and has been certified at the Master level for many years. Ms. Berman has studied with the highest experts in the field: Robert Durso, Edna Golandsky, John Bloomfield, and Dorothy Taubman. While living in Philadelphia, Ms. Berman was an instructor of piano at Drexel University.

Ms. Berman has helped countless pianists and teachers overcome injuries, technical limitations, fatigue, and musical limitations. She has assisted pianists in achieving their potential as musicians, artists and virtuosos, unencumbered by such limitations. She currently teaches professional pianists, piano teachers, and dedicated intermediate and advanced pianists. Ms. Berman also mentors piano teachers in the pedagogy of the Taubman Approach, helping them achieve certification in her own Effortless Artistry Certification program as well as Golandsky Institute certification.

In addition to pianists, Brenna has helped violinists, violists, guitarists, flutists, clarinetists, drummers, computer users, knitters, painters, writers and others prone to repetitive stress injuries. Ms. Berman is based in Colorado and holds private studios in Louisville, CO and Houston, TX. She also offers internet video lessons via Zoom to students across the country and internationally.

Ms. Berman always strives to find the way to most effectively teach each student on an individual basis so that they may absorb the new material in a deep and meaningful way. She seeks to discover and explore each student’s personal learning styles to enable the most productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Contact Brenna to inquire about lessons in Louisville, Colorado (Boulder and Denver areas), Houston, Texas and online. Click here to read testimonials from Brenna’s private students.